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* About Yelodoggie Art *

All dogs, deep in their heart of hearts, are yellow. Because yellow is the color of light and joy and happiness, and these attributes are the true essence of dogs.

Yelodoggie art celebrates dogs and their wonderful imperfections.

Unless otherwise indicated,Yelodoggie Paintings are postcard size

Watercolor & Liquid Acrylics
Each painting is 5" x 7" and is matted
and ready for a standard 8" x 10" frame

Paintings being offered for sale can be seen in the Yelodoggie Art Etsy Shop.

A gallery of yelodoggie paintings can be viewed here.

Yelodoggie Art is now available at CafePress. Get your favorite yelodoggie artwork on mugs, cards, bags, apparel and more!
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Yelodoggie Art
Up on the Woof, Pet Pardons
Wulff studied design & illustration at Kent State University and the Cooper School of Art. She worked as a graphic designer for 18 years.

Wulff left graphic design to ink and letter comic books from 1998-2001 with the late Barry Blair & Colin (Walbridge) Chan.

Her work appeared with Blair & Chan on the titles: Legend of the Elflord, Lynx, Sapphire, Dick Sweeney, Demon Hunter, Dark Island and Sno.

Her artwork appeared in the pages of independent comic Legend of the Elflord and on the cover of independent comic Elfquest. She received a nomination for the R.A.C. Squiddy Award for Best Cover Artist in 1998. Her illustrations also appeared in the San Diego Comic Con Program book in 2002 and 2003.

Wulff began painting her yelodoggie artwork in 2006.

Wulff creation Elfquest ashcan comic Pack Mates with artist Nicole Tadgell

Mini Portfolio of pre-yelodoggie artwork