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Article - August 2007 
Bedford Times Register

The eBook edition.  REVIEW - July 2007
in Brecksville Magazine.

Article - Nov/Dec 2007 
Cleveland Canine

Article - Nov 2007
Purina's Rally to Rescue.


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Here's what readers have said:

“I read it all in one evening. It was wonderful. I just had to know what happened to everyone. There were so many animals who were special.
- I am really glad I bought this book instead of just getting it from the library. It is one I am going to want to read again and again.”
- Kiko

"Really love the writing style and the humor.
We give it a 5 paws-up!” - Gizmo
"An energetic page-turner that catches the reader by surprise. What seems, at first, to be a simple memoir about pets becomes an astounding love story about commitment and responsibility in the face of insurmountable obstacles. Ironically, Wulff's riveting adventures with animals - some hilarious, some heartbreaking - become lessons in what it means to be truly human."- Marse
"This book is a first rate read. Filled with very interesting tales of real life tails, the book held my interest from the first paragraph until the last. It left me wanting to read more about this wonderful family."- SJB